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brake pad replacement, stuck bolt

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I ran into a weird problem yesterday. I was rotating the tires and bleeding the brake lines (to replace with fresh fluid, easy with Speedbleeders). While I was there, I decided to pull the bolt on each caliper to pivot 'em aside and have a quick look at the pads. This is the bolt at the bottom of the caliper, that allows it to pivot on the top bolt to swing clear of the pads.


The bolt was extremely tight, and I realized that it was stuck to the pin on the other side of the caliper flange. Fortunately that piece has a hex shape on the end of it, and fortunately I had a weird skinny wrench (maybe a bicycle wrench ?) that would fit onto it (a regular Craftsman wrench would not).


I've never run into this problem before and wonder if it's cause for concern. It was the case on both rear calipers and the rear pads look like they need replacing soon, so maybe I should consider replacing some parts.


The car has 64K miles and the rear pads are almost worn away, so I doubt they've ever been replaced and suspect the caliper has never been unbolted.

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