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Help/Advise - 2008 Subaru Legacy 2.5GT Limited (With Mods)


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Iam looking at a 2008 Subaru Legacy 2.5GT Limited (With Mods). It is a 5 Sp Manual & has 50K+ Miles; Problem is this is 3~4 Hr drive for me and i dont know for sure how it runs.


Before i go there wanted to take your help in knowing a few things..

Here are the mods i was told it has.. The seller is a Subbie dealer and has confirmed that these are NOT SPT parts (Atleast he did not attest to what exactly they are)..

18 Inch After market wheels

Shock tower bracer

Blow off valve

Lowered suspension

Full Exhaust (The full exhaust has no catalytic converter) and short throw shifter


I like to keep my cars stock (or atleast close to it). As long as the upgrades are not weird, Iam ok with it. Can anyone comment on how these upgrades effect/what could go wrong.. etc?

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Full exhaust and no engine management would be a deal breaker for me. No telling how long it had been run like that. If it is tuned for the mods then it might be worth a look.


I'd also want to know specifically how the suspension is lowered, and which BOV/BPV is being run before I'd make the trip. Are there any pictures of the car/mods that we could look at?


Welcome to the forum BTW.

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There's probably no inspection in that state...

Overall - I'd stay away. I doubt you'll be able to figure out what tune did it have, and since the dealer knows it has a full non-stock exhaust, no way the warranty is gonna cover anything if the engine blows up. And no TPMS light would personally really annoy me :)

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