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Exhaust restriction?


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I recently developed a hole at the outlet end of my exhaust resonator, and rather than replace the full midpipe, I had the resonator cut out and a straight pipe welded in its place.


I really didn't expect this to impact exhaust flow in any meaningful way, but now I'm having some second thoughts. Prior to removal of the resonator, my fuel economy was absolutely terrible. I had a hard time seeing anything over 20mpg avg. Since removal, I've been seeing a dramatic increase in fuel economy. This all occurred recently, and the change in fuel economy so far is just anecdotal and could easily be due to other influence such as the ECU being reset when the battery was disconnected for welding.


But I know very little about exhaust in general and it got me thinking. How much restriction is there within the OEM resonator, if any? Is it possible that something upstream may have become lodged within the resonator (for instance if a catalyst broke apart).

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On older carbeurated motors, freer exhaust would make you run rich. It's possible that it's what was happening with your hole in the exhaust as well. My guess would be that it's simply coincidental though and that your mileage will average out in a few tanks...
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