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I just bought a 97 GT... clutch advice?

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So I just purchased a manual 97 legacy gt... I got a pretty good deal on it because it needs a new clutch. Some college girl drove it until it literally stopped moving lol. I am coming from the world of hondas, so I'm not new to cars, but I am to AWD, flat 4s, and not having to worry about theft lol.


What clutch should I get? From what I've gathered online, a lot of people like using spec clutches, yea? I've been known to drive aggressively from time to time, and I wouldn't mind something that will hold up better than OE subaru parts, especially if it's cheaper. Is it common to also replace the flywheel on these cars, or should I just get the stock one resurfaced? Im not looking for a lighter one, I just want everything to hold up. Should I also get a new release fork? They're like 20 bucks, and I read accounts of them bending; is this common? This will be my new DD. I just want everything to hold up.


It could use a tune up. Plugs, wires, a timing belt / water pump job... uhh is a valve adjustment even possible without dropping the motor? Should I use OE subaru plugs? How about wires?


I guess basically I'm looking for advice on exactly what parts (part numbers would be awesome!) I should get to make this a reliable daily driver. What are the common issues i should look for / take care of?








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