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OBXT.5MT. slow through first and second gear


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Sooo i just got an 09 OBXTand i was driving it like a jackass. I reved up to about 3,500 and then dropped the clutch swifty? Not like super hard or super slow. I was trying to launch from a stop through this 4 lane street with a shit ton of traffic. So i guess i didn it wrong because it smelled like something was burning for about 10 min after i did that. That something im guessing was my clutch.


The next day i was driving and i noticed that the car was not pulling as fast from 3000 to 6000 rpms only in first in second gears. I told this to one of my mechanic friends and he said that i might have "glazzed" the clutch. "I made the clutch material so hot from not engaging it all of the way that i caused a film to form on it."


Before i did this my clutch engaged at like 3/4ths of the way to the floor, now its at like 2/4ths.


ill thow some pics up of my XT


Thoughts? Questions? Ideas?

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Glazing the clutch would cause it to behave like your clutch is worn and slipping. In fact, that's exactly what it would be doing: slipping. Also the engagement would be jerky/stuttering/shaking.


Some people say you have to replace the clutch and resurface/replace the flywheel too. And some say that with some normal driving, it'll eventually clean itself off.


If you're in upper gear and you're stepping on the gas, and the revs are slowly climbing up and it doesn't feel like the clutch is just slipping, then it shouldn't be glazing.

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When I got my car, I did it a few times before and that was bone stock. If you don't let off the clutch pedal properly and the car goes into full boost, that can happen. The 09s have their torque come on quicker I believe.
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