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Lookin to go stage2 whilst passing emissions.


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Looking to go (infamous1) Stage 2 tune that'll pass emissons for a 05 Legacy GT.


I understand this guy has 3 stock cats, so I'm wondering if a single cat will suffice for emissions.


I'm thinking of the following:


-DC Sports Turbo Up-Pipe (catless)

-CNT Performance Catted Downpipe

-custom single 3" exhaust with Vibrant resonator/muffler




-DC Sports Turbo Up-Pipe (catless)

-CNT Performance Catless Downpipe

-custom mandrel-bent, stainless single 3" exhaust with custom 3" High Flow Cat, Vibrant resonator/muffler


My concern with the second option is the location of the sensors. Is it doable, viable, recommended?


I don't intend on doing upgrading the turbo or internals.

Do I need intercooler or bypass valve, or would stock suffice?


Hopefully this'll get me close to 240whp/280wtq. Thanks!

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A single cat is more than enough to pass the sniffer. You may or may not pass a visual though.




I just found this neat diagram here:




It shows a cat post-downpipe (in the mid-pipe?).


Can I go catless up/down-pipe and keep stock midpipe (or perhaps have a exhaust shop hack into it and make it 3"?) and custom exhaust? Will this help me keep emissions-friendly?




Or I can go catless up/down-pipe and go:


-Custom 3" stainless mandrel-bent piping (from down-pipe)


-Vibrant 3" in/out High-flow Metallic Cat (part no. 7102)


-Vibrant 3" in/out Ultra Quiet Resonator (part no. 1142)


-Vibrant TPV TURBO Muffler w/4" Round Angle Cut Tip (3" inlet - 23" long) - part no. 1058

or maybe

-Vibrant STREETPOWER Oval Muffler w/ 4.5" x 3" Oval Angle Cut Tip (3" inlet) - part no. 1045

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In Ca. you can pass emission sniffer test with the retention of the rear cat...this is the very last cat in your detailed drawing... Although I haven't undergone yet ... it has been done and results written...
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