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FS:SoCali Gorilla Locks & R-Rev Rear Strut Bar


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The Gorilla Guard Wheel Locks 12x1.25 were never used i just opened the package to see how it looked. $14.00


The R-Rev Rear Strut Bar i had it for a year. $80.00






more strut pics here http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/r-rev-rear-strut-bar-pic-141864.html?t=141864&highlight=r-rev+rear+strut+bar



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Do you know if the strut bar would fit a wagon?

i dont think it will fit a wagon, arent wagons wider than sedans?


Also why are you selling it? Did you notice any added stiffness?

if you install the rear strut theres going to be a little bump in the trunk which doesnt matter if u dont fold ur rear seats down, but i use my trunk a lot and need stuff to slide in and out easily. also when i go golf i like to fold my seats down, it just gets in the way here and there:rolleyes:

stiffness i dont know:redface:. i never tracked my car or go fast on corners or even really drove on a curvy road going fast.

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