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Where is my fuel pump?

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I replaced the sending unit which has an access panel behind the rear drivers side seat under the carpet, but the fuel lines disappear into body and re emerge under the hood to the fuel filter. Is there an access panel to the pump underneath the car somewhere?
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Remove the rear seat and lift up the trunk carpeting. The pump is in the tank on the passenger side, under a domed cover held in place by 4 bolts (IIRC).


Remove the cover, and you'll see the fuel lines attached to the pump assembly. Remove the hose clamps and CAREFULLY remove the lines (they'll spray fuel. I used to use a rag over the assembly to help mitigate spray into the car), and the dozen or so 8mm (?) bolts holding the assembly in the tank. Remove the assembly, making sure nothing falls in. Make sure you don't lose the rubber gasket between the tank and assembly.


Do whatever you have to do with the fuel pump (I have a spare SS fuel pump, if you need it), and install is the opposite of removal.


Let the pump prime before trying to start the car.

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