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Spring rate help for BC's


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So I've been running the 6kg/8kg BC BR's for around 40k miles now, and I'm feeling more and more like I need a stiffer spring rate. 6/8 doesn't seem stiff enough for the increased weight of the wagon and the much reduced (~3") range of travel of the BC's.


When I run my damping at critical value I enjoy the ride but with larger bumps and/or higher speeds I blow through my travel and bottom out frequently. To decrease the frequency of bottoming out I then run them moderately overdamped, which limits travel and gives me a "harsh" ride with "sharp sting" over ruts, manhole covers, etc. It also gives the car an unsettled, scattered feeling at high speeds over uneven road sections.


My goal is to switch from a softer spring/overdamped setup to a much stiffer spring/critically damped setup. I don't mind if the ride is stiff as boards but I want the damping such that the energy from road impacts gets greatly absorbed by the spring itself rather than largely being dissipated into the damper body due to overdamping. I'm looking for a stiff, planted ride that would be described as "taut" instead of "stinging". I want the car moving around less on high speed uneven sections.


I'm looking at going to a 8kg/10kg setup, a 10kg/12kg setup, or anything in between. I would love to hear from people running spring rates this high and their thoughts and experiences. I would also like to hear from people who have switched between a 6/8, 8/10 or similar setup to a 9/9 10/10 etc. setup and how that changed driving dynamics.


Thank you in advance for all your responses and advice! :)

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Get 10 and 12 in Swift springs or 8 and 10 in other brands.

Swift springs feel softer - hard to explain, but they don't feel anywhere near what the spring rates say they are.


FWIW I've got Tein Flex, had 10kg in the back and they felt only just stiffer than the 6kg they replaced. I now run 12 front and 14 rear, dampening is set to full hard - it's pretty stiff now, but the car is low with wide wheels (you know the type...) and doesn't bottom out or scrub anymore.

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So you can run swift springs on bc coils?


There just springs, they'll fit any type of coilover as long as the I.D is right - so get the right I.D (I *think* BC's are 60mm, but double check) free height (no idea) and what rate/s you want and match them up with this;


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