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Wiring through firewall on 2011 Leg w/6spd


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Ok, can anyone show a picture of the location they ran their amp power wire through the firewall on a 2010-2011 Legacy with a manual tranny? The one that is available for an auto isn't available to us 6spd's due to the clutch reservoir taking the spot.


I'm hoping that someone has some pics showing an alternate location.




Here's a pic showing my clutch reservoir and why I'm unable to use that location:



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I ran the amp wire this morning and found an easy spot for a 4AWG power wire.


On the drivers side of the power booster is a light gray grommet. It is currently putting through two lines already, but there is an opening on the bottom of the grommet.

From under the drivers dash, I used a small screwdriver to poke a hole through the grommet and then pushed the wire through. It's a snug fit, so no sealant is needed.


WHEW! Much easier than I thought! I'm continuing to install through the weeken (taking my time and concealing every wire).

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Notice there are two lines going to the driver side of the power booster. The black cable furthest to the right is my amp cable. There is a light gray grommet in which to feed through from inside of the car.



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i'm soooo glad i found this. :lol:



i was scratching my head in awe, almost considered having the wires done at a shop.



*bump for DIY's w/ MT's!


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