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GI (UT): Part Out


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Since i'm VERY likely going to an automatic LGT this week or next, I have started returning my car back to stock. As of right now, here's what I have for sale:


1. CNT/ERZ Catted Downpipe.


In good condition, no problems. Had it on for about a year or so. Great piece, 3" all the way back, and i'm likely going to buy one for my new LGT (the fitment is different for autos). I'm thinking $250 picked up OBO.


2. Cobb double-adjustable short shifter. Sale pending to moncur_6


Great piece for reducing throw length and knob height. Here's the problem though- The lower adjustment screw wasn't tightening enough to keep the throw length in place, and I ended up stripping the screw. Before I totally screwed it up though, I got it to the perfect throw length and then JB Welded it into place.


What does this mean? If you don't like the throw length it's set at, you'd need to scrape off the JB Weld and get a new screw. But IMO it's at the perfect spot. The height adjustment still works just fine. I paid $100 a few months back, asking $50 picked up.


I have all of my stock parts, so i'm only looking for cash for these. Both are still on the car, but should be off by Wednesday/Thursday. I'll post pics if anyone's interested at that time. Also, I won't be selling any parts until I find my new car. Hopefully this week or next. Locals have first dibs since I really don't want to ship (especially the downpipe) if possible.

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Well next time I sell stuff you Utah boyz are forwarned, Denver peeps get first cracks. That is when I stop buying stuff and actually sell something, whatever


Isn't that the way it usually is with most FS threads? Locals get first dibs? :iam:

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