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Long drive with Hot outside temps causing vibrations


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I just noticed that on drives more than 90mins and hot weather my car starts to pulsate/vibrate in intervals and the fans sound like they're full blasting. Seems to happen when i'm sitting at a stop/idle after driving for the long period of time.


Anyone know what could be the issue? I checked my fans and seemed ok.


Thanks for any input. I think bringing it to the dealer is moot because i don't want them driving in my car for 90mins just to replicate the issue. :spin:

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The vibration/pulsating happens when you're just sitting there idling after the drive?


Yep. After driving more than 90 mins in weather above 80. I sit at a red light and the fans become louder and the whole car vibrates/pulsates in like 2-5 min intervals. Kinda getting me worried. This doesn't happen on short trips.

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