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Simeone Museum in Philly


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Went over for the first time on Saturday to see the collection of vintage racecars (mostly road racers). Also had a demo day featuring classic American big blocks. They brought out a 1950 Allard, 1952 Cunningham C4R, 1963 Vette Grand Sport (the only one of six still in existence), and a 1966 Ford GT40 MkII. To see them run a few laps in the parking lot and hear the engines was incredible.


The museum has all kinds of impossible to find cars. My wife (a non-gear head) even found a few she liked. And my 4 year liked seeing race cars and two cars that were actually inspiration for the Disney Cars movies (Hudson Hornet and a 70 Superbird). If you enjoy cars at all, especially old Italian stuff, go check them out. Its down by the airport auto mall and they have the demo days and special events at regular intervals.

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