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Bearing or assembly ?

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Yes, another wheel bearing post...


I have an 06 legacy 2.5i with 88k


This is just a question to see if replacement assemblies are available for the rear or if I don't have a choice and have to press in a new bearing. I was told that no assembly exists... And it has to be pressed. Bit when I search on google I find assemblies


Can someone confirm or deny this?


There is no way want to pay a dealership over 300 to get this done... I was fooled once... Yes I already replaces a front bearing now the rear is shot and I don't even have 90k on it.. The first one went at like 75... The rear @ 80... And the dealership or S.o.A won't cover this under warranty...

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Remember that potholes kill wheel bearings pretty fast, so no surprise not covered by SoA.


It's a hub/bearing combo, P/N 28473AG00B. List is $139.95.





For the rear, you don't have to take out the rear axle, just remove the nut (I looked at the FSM).


Sadly, with dealership labor rates, $300 sounds about right.



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I have another question - twkd made reference to the factory service manual,


Can anyone direct me to the best place to purchase this? Please do not link the Subaru website that is frequently linked to threads about FSM. They want a crazy amount of money to purchase TIMED access to the manual. I just want to buy the manual and not really at the dealer if there are other options.


I would imagine with all the resources of this board, that someone on here has this in .pdf format and could post it up somewhere.


I would like to get access to the torque specs with diagrams of the suspension and generally all of the underside.

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