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New owner, a few questions

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Hey guys,


Bought my wife a 05 legacy GT Limited this morning, about 500 miles away from 60K. Picked it up for $15.9 clean title, one owner etc etc. I drive a Honda S2000 and do all our own car work.



1. What oil filter are you guys running? On our S oil flow is critical at 8K I figure the same is going to be true for the turbo.

2. Why are spark plugs changed every 30K?

3. Spark plugs - just get subi issued ones or are there other options?

4. What fluid do you run in the tranny?

5. What fluid do you run in the diffs?

6. Coolant really need changing at 60k?


Thanks for the help,


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1. I use AMSOIL Extended life filters.

2. Plugs are not every 30k, rather every 60k

3. I use NGK. Some guys use one step colder plugs but for bone stock no need.

4. Subie Extra S

5. Subie Extra S

6. Excellent question but I replaced it anyway with Subaru Long Life.


Welcome aboard.

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1) I either use the Subie Blue (Fram-made=yuck) or Mobil 1 filters, but I change every 3k with Valvoline blended

2) ?

3) One step colder NGKs is what I use... the stockers are NGK anyway and are great for a stock/stage 2 car...

4) Redline 75W-90 GL-5

5) Redline 75W90NS GL-5

6) Maybe, maybe not, it's easy enough though right? Prior Subarus had a lot of headgasket problems, better safe than sorry....

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I use the Oem oil filter from Subaru(change it around 3500 miles or 4 months)

Coolant I use Peak(Change it every 2-3 years)

Gear oil is Pennzoil Synchromesh(change it when somethings not right)

Sparks Plugs I use Ngk Iridium(Change it around 60k)

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