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AC evaporator leak

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So, I know that this is a somewhat common problem in a bunch of cars. I, at first freaked out when I saw the leak, but with just a little bit of searching around here I see that I am not the only one.


What I am concerned about however is the amount of water that I am seeing being leaked. In most of the photos I see there is just a small amount of water...but check this out.




(Sorry about the filthy carpet. It is extremely embarrassing having to post this picture while its so dirty. I work outside so I drag a lot of dirt in.)


Now, besides the fact that it took me three hours to notice this (I must be much less observant than I originally thought...) the story goes like this. All interstate driving for three + hours with the AC on full the whole time.


Should I be more concerned because of the amount leaked or should I just fix it assuming that I just have a simple clog in the drain?





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well if in fact its from your a/c witch i don't think the drain must be blocked.

but i would think its the windshild or sunroof or window seal.


#1 poke hole in floor to allow to drain freely


# 2 check the drain tube its comes out next to the a arm on the passenger side. blow air up it to see its not blocked with gunk.


# 3 test it .. let ac run and see if water starts dripping out

Now that's thinking out of the boxer!:lol:

fyi all 05 + legacy's have built in code reader

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Nope, no joke this all dripped out from under my glove compartment. I don't know what to do...


Get as much water out as you can, a shop vac might get some after you've bailed. It is going to be hot & dry for th enext few days around here - aside from those stray thunderstorms from our friends in Montreal. You'll be surprised how much the car will dry out just leaving it in the sun - uh, leave the windows and sunroof open so the water has someplace to go. At some point, the remaining water will be as bad as getting the cabin full of snow from "your" boots and that works out fine. But, be aware of a moldy smell.


Then, find the problem. I suspect it's the just A/C but it could also be the sunroof drain. If you are short on compressed air (like I am) it's probably not a lot of dollars to have a mechanic blow out the drain lines.

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