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2009 2010 LGT amplifier compatibility

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Are the amplifiers between a 2009 and 2010 LGT directly swappable? If not, is there a wiring mod that could be used or are they completely different? The part numbers are one letter off.


2009 - 86221AG11A

2010 - 86221AJ11A



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You're talking about the harman/kardon amplifier -- the unit installed under the passenger seat and which powers all of the main speakers, tweeters, and subwoofer. No, the two generations are not identical.


In 2009 models, the OEM HU sends speaker-level (high-level) signals to the h/k amp.


In 2010-2011 models, the HU sends line-level (low-level) signals to the amp.


There could be other differences between the amps internally (I don't know -- I haven't seen schematics).


The connectors and wiring for the amp's outputs (to the speakers) appears to be the same. The amp's connector for the input (from the HU) is the same physically and has a similar pin-out between years, except for the difference in input levels. See this post for more info.


In theory, you could wire a Line Output Converter (LOC) between your 2009 factory radio and a newer H/K amp, to reduce your HU's high-level outputs down to line-level. Ideally you would want to do that next to the amp, since your 2009's wiring is not shielded (or even twisted pairs, as on the 2010-2011 models). But it could be an expensive experiment if it doesn't work.


I recommend you keep looking for a used 2009 h/k amp.

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Thanks much for the reply and information. I figured there was some differences given the part number differences, but wasn't sure to what extent. Was optimistically hoping it reflected a model year difference. No such luck. Will continue my search for a 2009 amp. Or, just put in aftermarket wiring/amp.


Will search the forums for discussions to keep the current HU and speakers but inserting an after market amp. Thanks again.

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