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Bilstein HDs possibly for local sale, anyone interested?


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So i'm going to be pulling my Bilstein HDs off the car in the next week or so, scaling down to Rallitek springs on my stock struts, but only if someone's interested in buying them. They work perfectly, and i'm mainly just looking to recoup some of the money i've put into the car, so i'm in no rush to pull them off and won't if nobody local wants them. They've got front Spec B tophats and Spec B spring perches, but will not come with the rear strut tops, dust seals, and spring seats (you can use the ones off of your stock struts on the rears). I'd guess they have roughly 20k miles on them, I bought them used, so all I know for sure is that i've put under 10k miles on them. I'm still going to be using the springs i've got, so this is struts/tophats only.


This is the exact same thing Fred Beans sells for $1,000 here- http://www.fredbeansparts.com/index.php/bilstein-subaru-legacy-gt-suspension-conversion-kit.html, minus the rear strut tops, etc. which are easily taken from the stock struts. I'm looking for $500 picked up or met halfway in Norcal. Make me a reasonable offer and i'll pull these things.


Here are the pics I have of them as they went on originally, they still look exactly the same, and ride very well with the Rallitek springs.







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