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New headunit...reuse H/K amp


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Yes. What year do you have? (please add that to your profile)


For 2009, you need a standard 20-pin Subaru radio harness, and send your new HU's speaker-level (high level) outputs to the h/k amp (the same way you would for a non h/k car). Harness -- Metra 70-7552 or Scosche NN04B.


For 2010-up, you'll must use a 20-pin harness with RCA plugs, to connect your new HU's line-level (low level) outputs to the h/k amp. Harness -- Metra 70-7553.


None of those include the extra wires for your steering wheel audio controls (SWCs). If you want to retain use of your audio SWCs, e-mail me for info on harnesses that do have those extra wires.

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Yes. In most cases you will also need a steering wheel interface module (Axxess ASWC by Metra, or one of the SWI-* units from PAC Audio).


Whether your SWC phone buttons work (Off-hook, On-hook, and Talk) definitely depends on the HU -- most do not have remote commands that correspond to all three of the phone buttons. It's an issue with the HU itself, not the interface module. You can always program any "leftover" SWC buttons to send other audio commands (mute, preset up, etc.).


I can also make a harness to retain use of your 3.5mm aux jack. Again, e-mail me for details (click on my profile).

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