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top mount upgrade for JDM leggy?

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Hey guys,


I have a 2005 JDM leggy, iv got an after market exhaust, changed induction piping for more free flowing goodness, a lightweight pulley kit and installed a grimspeed Oil Air Seperater.


It was imported from japan about a year ago and has never run quite right. I have done everything from plugs to testing for leaks and im convinced its just because of the higher octane gas its used to in Japan (100ron)


I am about to get it re tuned for our 98 octane gas but before I do I found these on ebay...




I want to know though if it will fit my JDM spec 05 GT leggy?


can anyone confirm?


thanks in advance! :lol:

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Lots of folks here have these TMIC's on USDM cars. Check out the pictures they've posted of their engine bay and compare them to what yours looks like.


Check out the Intake/Exhaust discussions for lots of pictures.



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