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nav head unit+ipod connector?


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You don't need a new head unit to add the ipod interface kit...I have a 08 head unit in my 05 car with a PAC audio ipod kit. Both the OEM ipod kit and this kit will work with the stock 08 HU and allow for control of the ipod through the HU (both leaving a little to be desired with the ease of control).


If you have SAT radio you will have to choose between the ipod interface and the SAT...they use the same port on the HU.

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The OEM nav unit is separate from the HU (replaces the cubby above the radio and has a DVD unit under the driver's seat) as is the ipod integration kit. If you want an all-in-one option you're better off getting the Scosche double din kit and a aftermarket nav stereo.


[ame=http://www.amazon.com/Scosche-SU2025B-2005-Up-Subaru-Outback/dp/B001EBJTK6/]Amazon.com: Scosche SU2025B 2005-Up Subaru Legacy/Outback DIN With Pocket or Double DIN: Electronics[/ame]


There are multiple threads with pictures of this done that you can search for, such as...



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