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Leptronix input gain problem

Brock Samson

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I've had a Leptronix aux input system installed for a few months now, and it operates seamlessly....except for the gain.


I'm using an audio out cable from an iphone plugged in to the Leptronix unit. The gain seems to be too high on the audio out, as the volume I use while on aux in is usually set to 1-5...any higher than that and it will blow your ears out.


Radio and CD volume are still regular- regular volume settings of ~12-20 ish. This creates a HUGE problem when switching from radio or CD to the aux input- I'm worried about blowing out speakers, and my hearing.


Finally, and this is what makes me think its a gain issue, is that some of my mp3's sound scratchy and awful on the car stereo...while they sound flawless on other car stereos or any of my home systems.


Any thoughts on this? I'd really like to keep using the audio out from the iphone so I can get power and audio in one jack.

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