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07 Spec B Mesh Grill, Painted Emblem *pics

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I apologize since I don't have any pictures of the process, only of the outcome. I'd be happy to provide a detailed description of the steps I took if anyone needs some help or guidance. I don't believe I've reinvented the wheel here... it's been done before.


Long story short, removed the grill, cut out the middle, bondo'd the gaps, primed and painted.


Bought some gutter guard from Lowes, cut to the correct size, primed and painted. Zip tied to the grill.


Sanded down the back of the emblem and repainted using a combination chrome lexan paint (R/C body paint) and a black backing - giving it the appearance of matching the cars color. I have the rear done as well to match.


Here's how it turned out. Not sure if I want to leave the emblem on or off.


Again, I'd be happy to answer any questions :cool:









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