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Jersey Invades Cali


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Hey guys,


Just moved to OC from Central NJ. Need some help getting through SMOG - etc, wondering if anybody here can help me out..


I currently have aftermarket UP/catted DP/Mid-Y with stock cans. I know this will not pass visual for SMOG. Luckily I brought my engine cover so I just need to cut it and pop it back on over my TMIC.


Anybody have a stock DP and/or Mid-Y for sale or for borrow? Anybody know a shop willing to throw those on, do a SMOG, then throw my stuff back on? Anybody know an enthusiast friendly shop that does SMOG? (PM only please).


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also look forward to getting Spotted here in SoCal or going on a Subie cruise.




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Sorry I didn't see this thread earlier. Even though the smog stations are supposed to do a visual check, they don't always pay close attention. I think as long as your engine bay looks stock with the hood open, chances are good that the technician isn't going to get down on the ground to look underneath. My advice is just to try a shop that looks like it needs the business with the car as-is, before you go swapping everything and re-tuning:




YMMV. And yes, Mike, I have since ditched the TDC tune and am running an Infamous tune now. :cool:

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.


In other words: SEARCH before you post!

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