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Leptronix aux in + sat radio question


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Hi all.


I was hoping that those who know more detail about car audio and electronics could help me out with a head-scratcher.


I have the Leptronix aux in board installed for over a year now and love it! I wanted to modify my cable setup so that I would have an aux in plug in the console. Long story short, my Sirius sat radio won't play when plugged in to the aux in board directly and by itself.


This is what I mean:


aux in <--- iPod = plays great!

aux in <--- Minidisc player = plays great!

aux in <--- sat radio = NO GO!!! :(


aux in <--- sat radio + other audio source = sat radio plays great!!! :)


Why won't the sat radio play when it is plugged in directly by itself? It will only play when on a splitter like this:




Is the sat radio not outputting enough power on its own? I cranked up its internal volume level to max but only got some noisy, static music that was really quiet.



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