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Leaking fuel lines - Not covered by ext. warr?

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Gents, I've been having some trouble with terrible fuel fumes in the cockpit of my '05 LGT. The first time the wife mentioned it I dismissed it, until she brought it home and it stunk up the garage and half of the downstairs of the house. Today it did it again before I went to lunch. After reading through some threads here I finally put together what's happening. This is basically our coldest week of the year here with temps running in the 20's for the last couple of weeks. As long as the car is garaged or warm, you don't notice it, if it's been out in the cold all day, it's horrible... in short the seals are shrinking and leaking.


Here's the kicker. The dealer confirmed that my diagnosis was right. "We've replaced a lot of these lately." They want $550 to replace "All lines under intake manifold", and apparently this ISN'T covered under the Gold extended? I can't find a coverage list (still looking), but if it's true that's a big stinking pile. These are supposed to be THE cold weather car. How is it that a car like this with 81k that only sees temps below freezing 5 days out of every year can have this problem and they're not going to cover? (That's rhetorical)


Has anyone had to deal with this particular failure, and were you able to get it done under the extended? Also, if anyone knows where I can find the list of covered/not covered for the Gold plan please advise. I'll do a little more digging on the interwebz in the meantime.

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Sorry guys. I did a pretty extensive search on this, figuring it had already been covered but didn't come across this until just a minute ago. :(




Still digging around to see if I swing getting it covered under the extended warranty. Still can't find the d--ned covered parts list.

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