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Engine stubbles


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I hopefully this is the correct section for this.


Here’s the story:

Last night I was driving out to meet some friends for dinner, my car was running fine. Then out of no where the check engine light came on and the cruise light started blinking. The car seemed to be running fine, so I drove it to the next exit, got off, pulled into a parking lot, and hooked up my AP and checked the code. The AP didn’t find a code, so I rest the ECU re-flashed the real time map I was using and tried to drive away. This is when it started acting strange. The car would rev fine, but as soon as you tried to hold a RPM it would start to cut out (almost like I was hitting the rev limiter). If I let off the throttle it would either die or stubble around near idle until it pick idle back up. It starts up easily and idles fine; it even seems to rev fine and hold a RPM until it hits operating temperature.


What I have checked and what I plan to recheck when I get out of work tonight:


  • I check all of the hoses (boost and vacuum) seem to be connected
  • All the sensors I checked were tightly connected.
  • I checked and recheck the computer for trouble codes (with my AP) and got nothing time and time again.
  • I was able to move the car around under its own power after it cooled down last night. (No check engine and no cutting out)
  • I am going to let the car warm up later and see if the symptom returns.

Info: 2005 Legacy Gt Limited 58,000 miles maintenance is up to date.


Cobb intake

Access Port W/Tuning Alliance stage 2+ tune

Perrin up pipe

Invidia catted downpipe

Megan cat-back w/flow master super 40 mufflers

Crawford v2 AOS

Crawford inlet pipe



The car has been running with this setup for around 6 months without any problems, Hopefully I can get my friend’s Scan Tool later today, so I can double check the codes. I will also try to do some data-logging later today if I can get my laptop to connect (stupid Vista!).


My thoughts so far:

1. Fuel filter ( I stupidly ran the car dry on Christmas day)

2. TPS possiblly since it seemed like the car was having trouble finding a throttle plate angle?

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Update: I reverted the ECU back to stock and it started and idled fine, so I went head and reloaded my tune and then the realtime map. I tried to start the car again. It started but would rev up, cut out, and then rev up again. This went on for a minute or two before I decided it probably wasn't going to find and hold idle any longer. I don't know if this will trigger any ideas, but I will at least try to keep this post updated until I find the problem.
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