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2001 Legacy GT Limited


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Looking for a new car, and i like this one. 2001 Legacy GT Limited, 130,000ish miles. Haven't actually been out to the dealership yet to get a vehicle history report or inspect it since I juuust started looking today. I think the 7,000 that they're asking is pretty high.

Here's the link: http://www.strolimotors2.com/newandusedcars/4386/760811/5b1a7c9d-c1cd-4d56-8ae7-608d216c02bc/Craigslist/2001-Subaru-Legacy.aspx


what would you pay?

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might be the glare or something but that looks like a dent on the right front quarter panel in the first picture.. also some scuff marks on the front and rear bumper.. nothing too serious but the car is definitely not in "excellent" condition for kbb value. might have a chance at talking them down into the low 6k range. especially since its at 130k.
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