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Our older Legacy

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Hello, I want to post some photo's from our older Legacy cars.

My 1991 1800 Wagon Auto, still with me




The 1992 1800 Wagon I sold to my brother




3 Legacy at the drive




4 Subaru




My current Legacy 3 GX 2.5L auto



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nice collection you got there. last one looks like a cross between a saab and a bmw to me. unique color too, very nice.


Thank you, the color is English Mustard, color code 82H.

They are very rare here in Belgium, it's hard to find a Legacy 3 second hand.

The One and Two are easier to find.

My parents drive Subaru now for eleven years, after two Legacy 2 there current car is the Forester.

They have been driving Jaguar and BMW forever but I converted them.

My brother still drives the 1992 wagon after 30 years of Mazda, but my sister swears by BMW.

She tried Alfa Romeo (156 3.2 V6 GTA) and Mercedes (AMG SL 550 Roadster) and Jaguar (S-type 2,7 liter twin turbo diesel) but non where pleasing.

I drove them also for a short time, the Alfa was crude, AMG very heavy on fuel and the Jaguar nice to drive but very cocooned, it dose not give any feel back to the driver.

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I Love your car, also love you dog:)


Thank you, the dog " Toby " is a " Mechelse Scheper " I believe the call them Malinois in the US which is in fact french for " Mecheler "

Mechelen is a town in the Flemish part of Belgium about 20 km above Brussel and 17 km from where I am living.


Yes the Sub has not one spec of rust, not even anywhere on the bottom.

Is completely oil tight as well, the only thing is some scratches.

I was very lucky that I could buy this car for the unbelievable price of 3000 euro or some 4000 $ last year.

The Legacy had only 64000 km on it came with a full tank, a just done complete check up and 4 new tires. :rolleyes:


It's a 1999 car, the previously owner was barred from driving after a cataract eye operation went wrong and his wife had no drivers license.

The live in the suburbs of Antwerpen and decided the don't need a car anymore now that he are retired.

In Belgium retired people can use the public transport for free.

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Today my dad and I bought a BD (2 liter) for 500 euro to repair his two other BD's.

It has the same maroon color than his first one (1995) which was in an accident for which we need the complete front minus the engine.




Some transmission parts for his other one (1996) and I am thinking to put the 2 liter engine in my First Generation Legacy (1991) with the complete wiring loom and so on to replace the 1.8 liter engine.

This will be the hardest task I think, fitting will be no problem but the connections to get it running well.

Mine still has a carburetter and the other one is multi point injection.

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This week a grandchild of my parents starts driving the previous Legacy DB of my father.

We replaced the rear shocks and had the accident damage at the front fixed minus the dent in the bonnet.

Gwenny here parents paid for tires, battery and wiper blades.

The only thing I have to do now is give a service and she can drive the Legacy.

That makes the second of the third generation driving Subaru.





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My Legacy 1 from 1991 is next year eligible for old-timer status.

In Belgium this is still 25 years while in Holland it's 30 years.

This one :




My father has asked of he can drive the wagon next year so that he can cancel his current car the Forester from road tax and insurance.

My parents only did 4000 km a year and now after the demise of my mother dad is going to drive even less.

Old-timer cars only pay around 100 euro or so maybe even less road tax a year and insurance is not much also.

Father can drive the car daily but has to have a yearly road check like any other car, which is compulsory in Belgium.

When he needs another car he can use my van.

A little bit of work is needed on the car to make is road legal again, some rust (one spot needs welding, 10cm by 15cm) tyres and thats it.

New battery is already in the car, maybe oil and filters, it's standing for some time now even that the car is run warm every 3 months and is driven some 200 m to keep the brakes loose and the auto gearbox good and the rest of the drive train.

Strange to talk about a Subaru as an old-timer car, maybe a SVX is almost classic car.

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