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Wrx bov leaking

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I know you can crush a stock WRX bov to stop it from leaking under boost. It has no boost and leaks, and makes my car idle like crap!

It's a 2005(I think) BOV


Recirc isn't really an option.

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-k0vI8H9kw&sns=em]YouTube - Ej22 bov[/ame]

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just pick up an oem sti valve on nasioc -- mine has been holding up to 22psi just fine for years with zero surge (on a fmic!).

any more psi than that, you should really consider an aftermarket valve proven to hold higher boost.


re the spring tightening, i have read of guys trying washers in these metal oem valves for that purpose -- not sure how successful, or whether any side-effects like comp surge arise.

there is also the "mad scientist mod" you can search on nasioc for these oem valves.

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