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Radiator Lower Support (or shroud?) info needed ASAP

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I was getting ready to put the new radiator in today and am a bit mad at myself. Thought I could reuse the support brackets that hold the radiator in place on the core support (inner support framing).


I did stop at the Subie dealer nearby (Fitzgerald) but they couldn't figure out the part I needed. The diagram is the same used in the Hayes Manual and doesn't show it (well it does, but attached to the radiator itself.


I need to get info on the part (assuming the part can be ordered from Subie dealer) and or order one ASAP.


Pictures are below:



It is the lower rusty looking black piece that spans the radiator width and on the bottom it has the two pins that slot into the support member on the unibody frame (core support) of the car. At the top (not seen here) it again bolts to the radiator and has metal galvanized brackets that are also bolted to the core support.


Another photo for reference:


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FSM? have to tell me what that is...I'll google "opposed forces"


Talking with DPS shop here locally, there seems to be a really weird issue with the manufacture date. They changed things mid-cycle and at different months for manual cars than Auto cars. And of course most third party suppliers have horrible non-specific information so it's a complete shot in the dark.


It seems Fuji decided to complete redesign how the radiator and fans are mounted.


My manufacture date is 2/1997

I'm a 2.5L with the Auto and have the AC part attached (standard for GT of course).

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Factory service manual.

Here is the link to the download, These are nice to have.




Here is the link to opposed forces website



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While taking out my radiator to change my timing belt, the bolts on these supports broke off, so i can't put on my radiator or my fan.


I can't seem to find these brackets online. I don't know if I'm searching the correct term. I assume it's the upper and lower radiator support brackets, but all the pictures I find online show a curved bracket.



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The radiator is surrounded by two black metal supports/brackets that are held in place by four 10mm bolts, two on top and two on bottom.


If you take out the radiator (with the fans attached), these supports come out also. The top is held on to the car by two 12mm bolts in the front of the car. One of these bolts snapped off. The bottom has no bolts, it just slides into place.


Also, when you remove the radiator assembly with the fans from the car, the fans are held on by several 10mm bolts that screw into those black supports/brackets. These also snapped off and broke.


So I have these two black metal supports with a bunch of broken/snapped bolts in them and I can't put back my radiator/fan assembly because most if my bolt screws are filled with broken, rusty bolts.


I'd rather just replace these brackets/supports then try to drill out the broken bolts. So, this is what I'm trying to replace. When I do a search online, I come up with way different looking pieces (curved, not straight).

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i think a salvage yard is going to be your best bet.


the fan bolts thread in to clips that are fitted over tabs or holes on the metal frame of the rad.

you might be able to fold / bend them open and remove with out damage to the rad.

or cut them off with something.

then just buy some kind of replacement clip, with a bolt.


the bolt on the top cross member is going to have to be drilled.

soak it good with spary lube.

a reverse drill bit would be best, check at the hardware store.

if it looses up during drilling it may back out.

but a regular drill bit may do the same thing since the threads go all the way through.


if you buy a new rad you usually do not get the mounting brackets,

but you do get new clips for the fans.

if you replace the fan clips and bolt,

i would drive it short term with just one top / front mounting bolt.


PS, i don't remember how many bolts hold the fans on,

but i can promise you not all of mine are there,

even though i have replaced the rad.

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