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Central NC Subie Owners - Can I Take Pictures of Your Car?


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I just bought a Canon XSi last week and have been going crazy taking pictures, it's been fun. I'd like to get more experience shooting cars however, so thought I'd see if anybody in/near Ral/Dur/CH has a Subaru they want lots of high res pictures of? If so shoot me a PM or respond on here, we can either meet in a parking lot or a more scenic local like Umstead or something to that effect. Your of course welcome to the pictures and I won't be using them for commercial purposes at all.
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I wouldn't mind meeting a few peeps for a car shoot. I dont want any pics of my car as of yet (since it's stock), but need to meet some subie peeps... Been in the vw/bmw world the last 10 years... my g/f lives 5 min from carowinds.


my old cars:



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I wouldnt mind a few new pictures of my car. My crew has a photographer, but I like whoring out my ride. I'm in Raleigh, PM me if you want to meet up. Some older pictures:










And the other cars in my crew (they would be up for pictures too):



On the search for a new DD...
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