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Throttle body / Check engine

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When I get out from the car wash last 2 weeks my check engine lights up on my Legacy GT 06.


I went to the garage and the clean up the throttle body (code P0222). 200 $. I wash it again last week without any problem but tody I still got the check engine. It seems to e the same problem because the car is very slow.


Last year I also got a check engine for O2 sensor (P1153). 500 $


Do you have this kind of problem because I love this car and I wanted to keep it for 10 years but if I still have check engine problem I am going to change it because I don't want to pay for problem I don't find normal for a car which have only five years (75000km).



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the problems aren't atypical for an aging vehicle.

i'm not saying that he's dishonest outright (not being fully apprised of all the circumstances), but an o2 sensor replacement on either bank is about a $100-150 part, and absolutely no more than a 30-minute ordeal.


i'm not certain why you'd throw the throttle body p/s code, but in general that is an extraordinarily hygenic peice of equipment on our cars -- so i wouldn't necessarily jump to the 'dirty' conclusion.


best luck.

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