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Alternative to California Duster

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Car gets pretty dusty but doesn't warrant a full car wash. Using a detailing sprayer works but then you make a "clean spot" and you just end up wasting it or washing the entire car. I used a California duster before but it seems like I'm just making tiny scratches on the clear coat from all the dirt trapped in the duster itself? Is their an alternative method to cleaning of your car between washings?
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Alternative cleaning method:

step 1 remove CA duster cover

step 2 toss cover in washing machine

step 3 air dry

step 4 put back on duster handle

step 5 ca dust car again happily

Not being sarcastic - either the duster is dirty and you need to wash it or you are waiting too damn long to dust the car. I live next to train tracks so there is a LOT of soot-like buildup in the neighborhood. Yes I live in Los Angeles but I need to dust every other day if I am going to do it.


EDIT: I probably wash the duster after every other use, gentle cycle with dog towels and always air dry.

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If the CCD is scratching your paint, then chances are you are using it wrong. Remember, it is not a MOP. It is just a duster, so the weight of the thing should never be on the car. Just the very ends of the strands should be dragging across the paint. It isn't the dirt in the strands which is causing the scratches, most likely. Personally I'd never use one of those dusters again, but I know plenty of people who are able to use them regularly and not damage their paint. I just don't like them.


“Cleanliness becomes more important as godliness becomes more unlikely.”

O C D E T A I L S . C O M


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