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I thought I knew, but maybe I dont?


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Having clutch problems this morning (found out its actually my clutch fork, good and bad news), but before I actually got through troubleshooting I had called the dealership to get some quotes on prices and such (bleeding the lines, possibly replacing the line, etc).


First, they didnt quote me what I asked about, they wanted to replace the whole clutch hydraulic system and obviously had quite the hefty price attached. Then they told me I have a pull style clutch, so it could be that the bearing could have popped out and thats why it wasnt working. Now... Last I checked, I thought that an 05 LGT had a push style... (I have changed it out with an ACT clutch and 06WRX flywheel, so I could be wrong and the stock 05 does have a pull style?) But that just doesnt make sense to me...


So basically my question is... Does the stock 05 LGT have a pull style clutch, and is the 06wrx flywheel ACT combo a pull style then too? Or was I right in telling them its a push style clutch? Cause if they are wrong, there's no way in hell I'm bringing my car there for service anymore. lol

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What problem are you having?





My 05 LGT has a push style clutch.


- I press the pedal

- The master cylinder pressurizes the line

- The slave cylinder piston pushes the outer end of the release fork towards the rear of the car

- The release fork pivots on the pivot ball

- The release for pushes the TOB towards the engine

- The TOB pushes on the clutch fingers

- The pressure plate moves away from the engine and towards the transmission, releasing the friction plate that was sandwiched between the pressure plate and the flywheel

- The friction disk now moves independently of the flywheel and pressure plate.


That is how my clutch works. I always thought that was a push type.


A pull-type releases the pressure sandwiching the friction disk beteen the pressure plate and flywheel by pulling the TOB away from the engine towards the trans, I thought.


Maybe I'm wrong, but if I am then it's news to me.

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Thats exactly what I thought...

I did find my issue (the fork meets the pivot ball, but there is actually no meeting anymore because its broke clean through).


My problem/question is because the dealership was fighting with me, and I mean straight up being rude about the fact that I have a pull type clutch. I was pretty taken back about it because I've swapped the clutch in my car and read up on clutches, so i was pretty dang sure that I have a push type, and that all 05-09 LGT's had a push type. So, the fact that the dealership was so animate about me having a pull type was shocking to me and I just wanted to make sure that I wasnt completely insane before swearing off that dealership doing any work on my car. :)

If I pass you on the right, I'm flipping you off.
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