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Driver Side Mirror got kicked out during Christmas Day.


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EDIT: Dupe. NO NEED TO REPLY TO THIS, I created another thread in the 4th generation forum section.



Someone kicked out my driver side mirror during Christmas day, 12/25/2010, the day that I was suppose to go snowboarding.


Santa hates me, I really don't know why.


Well my shop was going to charge me 300 for the mirror w/o paint and another 140 for labor. I said no. So I duct taped the mirror together and have been using it ever since, works fine but ugly as hell.


So to legacygt forum. How much would it cost? should I try to replace it myself? or cough the $140 labor fee and have someone else do it? my shop made it sound like I have to rip the inside of my door out or something ridiculous. I know for my Scion, it was just a cap and 3 screws to change the mirror, it can't be that difficult.


I found one on subarupartsforyou




same exact Part No as the guy from the shop gave me, same color as my car. Is this site reliable?


any input would be great... I don't post much here, so if there is a better section of the forum to put questions like this, please let me know thanks.











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