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camshaft belt change and how much else???

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My wife's 2005 normally aspirated Legacy is about due for a timing belt change. The dealer I talked to about this not only wanted to change the belt, but also:


the front camshaft seals

the front crankshaft seal

and the water pump



I've driven older Legacies myself (3 of 'em) to around 175,000 miles each, and never had need of all this extra work. What's the consensus on whether all this really needs to be done, or is the dealer just "gold-plateing" the maintenance job?



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I'd say to do them. I'm assuming that you go 105k on your timing belt and while you're in there, you'd better at least do the water pump. Chances are, it'll fail before you're due for a TB again and you'll have to pay for it again. As for the seals, I'm guessing they're relatively cheap.....maybe $100. I think its worth it not to chance the oil leaks that will probably develop in the next 105k miles. I'm sure others with more experience with these cars will chime in but that's my opinion.
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