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Official Azurite Blue Pearl Thread (2010)


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Since, I wanted to be first, here goes . . .


Taken the day after I brought it home Nov. 2010.





So, far what I've done is pretty much OEM stuff that's boring, but one mod so far has proven useful and looks good.





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My best pic of it so far, with winter wheels and tires:


Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them


-Ronald Reagan

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Looking at your car is making me re-evaluate my decision of getting a silver Legacy. How many times did you wax and polish your car? Looks awesome!!!


heres my contribution:



with 4th gen legacy 17s on :)


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dont have many pics but here are my favorite




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favorite shot so far of the car, probably my only shot of it clean...


I like what you did with the headlight. They look oversized with all the chrome. Do you have a better pic of the front?

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currently this is the best picture of the lights. i don't have a current picture of the front end, might need to work on that one. but to answer the question i just masked off chrome accents around the 3 housings. i like this look a lot more then my last ones where i just masked off the chrome ring around the projector lens.

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Put on my summers that I had with my 08 Spec.B, I think they look good! Glad I don't have to buy different summer rims for my 2011 :)


Rota GR-A 18x7.5 +48 with Kumho Ecsta SPT's


Though, the winter Blizzak's sure filled the wheel wells better... I am probably going to go ahead with some RCE blacks soon.



I'm just here for the mods.
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