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HELP The Timeing belt keeps slipping

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Well being proactive I went ahead and changed the timing belt and all the pullies. The kit that came from napa had the wrong tensioner in it so it is the old tensioner. I have a 2000 mile road trip planned and am a lil weary on taking this vehicle ANY HELP or suggestions. Oh yeah drove the car for a bout a week before the belt slipped
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go to a salvage yard and get the old style tensioner, piston, and ''mounting bracket''. (you should have the idler.) all of the blocks have the same holes, you just need the bracket and the piston and the napa part will work. (if i understand your post correctly.)


or buy the whole tensioner assembly from napa and replace it. but the new style are crappy compared to the old style.


hopefully the valves are ok.


what year, what engine?

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the 98 2.5L engine should have a one piece tensioner, like yours? this is the new style.


the 96 - 97 have the old style tensioner which consists of a pulley on a cam lobe type thing, a small hydraulic piston, and a bracket that mounts to the block. i did two timing belt jobs and never knew there was a bracket until i read it on another site.


so if you find the piston and the bracket you can use them with the idler pulley you already have.


old style idler pulley from CL.


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