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Help please! Vag-com and learning view


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before anyone bashes me, I have spent the last 2-3 hours searching through the forums looking for an answer that I can't find.


I have a vag-com cable, installed the ftd drivers, changed the baud to 4800, updated .net and everything I was suppose to do.


When I try to connect with learning view, its comes up with an "error":


ECU ID ********** not found in definitions.


What am I doing wrong? I am trying to obtain the Rom ID to have Infamous tune it.


Please help! Thanks

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the asterisks where just the ECU ID numbers, i didnt remember them, so I just used that instead, sorry for the confusion.


the car is an 05 5EAT. I've tried it with all the programs and it doesn't work with any of them.

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I found this. My search skills are superior to yours. ;) I used google.




Your problem isn't an issue with the cable or drivers.... since it's reading the ECU ID just fine.


Do you have the latest version of LV?


Also, post the ECU ID version here.

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Supported ECUs:


Learning View supports 260 different Subaru ECU revisions including those listed HERE (except for NA ROMs E2ZD508C, E2ZD308E, E2VG212E, and E2TB101Q). In addition, some additional ECUs were added in the last release (0.4a) that are not listed, based on user submissions up to that point in October of 2008.



Legacy 2.5i

05 E2ZJ101B# (MT/AT)*, E2ZJ141B# (MT/AT)*, E2ZJ173B# (MT/AT)*

06 E2VG221B# (MT/AT)*

08 EZ1D105C (MT)*, EZ1D201D (AT)*

09 EZ1D302B (AT)*, EZ1D302C (MT)*, EZ1D302D (AT)*


Legacy GT

05 A2WC500C (AT)*, A2WC500N (MT)*, A2WC510C (AT)*, A2WC510N (MT)*, A2WC511C (AT)*, A2WC511N (MT)*, A2WC521C (AT)*, A2WC521N (MT)*, A2WC522N (MT)*

06 A2WF200C (AT)*, A2WF200N (MT)*

07 A2UG000C (AT)*, A2UG000N (MT)*, A2UI001C (AT)*

08 A2TB000N (MT)*

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I have a vagcom cable I bought from Infamous and it doesn't work flashing the ecu with ECUFlash. I have an ebay cable coming that hopefully works. If not, I'm gonna have to find a tactrix 2.0


You have posted at least twice that your cable is not working. What is the issue?

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