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New tune necessary? just added CBE


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I just added a Magnaflow Catback to my LGT wagon. I had an open source tune done when i did my other mods (downpipe, uppipe, sti mods), so until the CBE was added, i was tuned properly. Do I need to get a new tune specifically for the addition of the CBE?


I searched but couldn't find a good answer when one is already tuned then adds the CBE.

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two days before that. I usually fill 2-3 times a week. The last two fillups I have been averaging about 17.4mpg, when normally i am at about 20-21mpg.


The other thing i have noticed is that idle drops (when not on the gas) unusually low, almost like it wants to stall, but never does. Not enough backpressure?

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