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Concerns after a throw-out bearing repair

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Hi All,


Looking for some help on a dignosis. Car is an '05 LGT Mt 5-spd at Stage 2. Car has ~91k miles. Just had the throw-out bearing seize on me at around 90k. Had the TSK-3 bearing kit installed along with new clutch, flywheel, etc. The trans quill/snout was tore up pretty bad (was told a groove was wore down to approx. half the original diameter), but was salvaged with the TSK-3 sleeve. Since the repairs, I have noticed the following symptoms, all getting exaggerated by the cold weather (below freezing here lately in NJ):


- grinding/whirring noises at cold start. When the clutch is pressed in, noises go away. These noises ultimately go away when warmed up.


- under heavy load (e.g. pulling in 5th gear at low rpms), car experiences a heavy vibration.


- this one is new and has only happened twice in last few days. At cold start, when taking off initally in first gear (after backing up in reverse), loud thud and almost feels like car wants to stall. Although does not feel engine related. I've read possibly an ABS self-test? So this may be a coicidence to my other problems. Honestly unsure.


Any ideas? My initial thoughts are that the throwout bearing is acting up again, although it only has ~1k miles on it. Could it be another bearing altogether? Driveshaft? Differential? Please post if you've had a similar experience and were able to figure out the cause.




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My TOB chirps terribly. I replaced my clutch 15k miles ago and used an OEM TOB in the new install (big mistake). I have had this same chirping issue with all 3 of my Subarus. Next time I do the clutch I'm going aftermarket and def getting the TSK sleeve. Can't speak for the problems you're having. Sounds like you may have to crack open the bell housing again and see what's going on in there. :(
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