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CEL and Cruise flashing, p0600 and P0700


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Hey Guys,

Hoping someone might have some info before I head to the dealer :(

So the story goes like this-

Car was in to Subaru dealer for some maint 3 days ago (Saturday), got my Timing belt replaced and my Battery replaced as well as a rear tail light bulb being out. Also had an oil change done.

Picked her up and everything seems good, no noticable probs. The one thing was an electical buring smell that seemed to come and go, but havent smelled that in a couple of days.

Go out to warm car up this morning and CEL light on, Temp gage was jacked up all the way and Cruise light blinking. May have been more on the dash but I freaked and shut the car off. Turned it back on and the only thing that remained was CEL and Cruise blinking. Car started fine, ran fine all the way to work, no noticeable probs at all.

I checked the codes once I got to work and it shows p0600 and p0700.

I googled these and could not come up with much....

Do you think the smell could be related to the bulletin in this link ??


Any advice is much appreciated

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This may have very little to do with your problem but... I do know that when the Neutral Safety switch (on the transmission) is bad or the wiring gets is cut or burned (grounded) it will cause a flashing cruise control. This safety switch essentially tells the ecu that the car is in gear and allows the cruise to work. I am not sure how the maintenance that you described would have effected the safety switch though. The burning smell could have simply been some oil that got on the exhaust manifold during the service.
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