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Farewell & Thanks


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Well after 5 great years in my LGT, I'm out.

Just traded for bigger, more comfort, and yes, less performance.

Loved my LGT for everything it was. Hated it for everything it wasn't, but should have been.

Honestly, it was a relatively trouble free car, but it was not trouble free.

I was very pleased with most of my dealership experiences and would not hesitate to recommend Subaru again. If they change a few things down the road, I may invest in another.

Many thanks to everyone here that gave me advice, support, and physical help through the years.

My car was traded in in full Stage 2 with other supporting mods.

'05 LGT Ltd Sedan

Garnet Red/Tan Leather w/ spoiler

-Cobb APv1



-Borla CBE

-Cat-free UP


-Progress Springs & Sways w/ rear sway mout reinforcements

-KB STS & End links





-Perrin TMIC

-Compact Airhorns

-SSI Aluminum Engine Guard

-Enkei Racing Wheels

-Thermo-metallic tinted windows

-Car still has about 28k left on extended warranty through 10/11


If someone is interested, it went to Mooers Volvo in Midlothian, Va. and could be bought for below retail. PM me for what I received in trade in and about what they 'really' have invested.


Dealer hasn't decided if they want the few OEM parts I have left or not, do they may be going up for sale cheap too (springs, BCS, BPV, KB aluminum shift knob-black)


Again, Thanks and Farewell.



Vir Est Fatum Ut Perficio Concepta Suus Progenies. - Man is destined to fulfill the capacity of his lineage (i.e. Darwinism):rolleyes:

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What did you get to replace it?


I wish you had parted it out, I would have taken that SSI sump guard.

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