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Did anyone put a wheelskins leather cover on their 2010/2011 Legacy?


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Few days ago I drove a new 2011 Legacy Premium home. One thing that rubs both my wife and me the wrong way is the steering wheel. I know it says it is "leather wrapped" but it just does not feel that way + it still seems to be a bit "skinny" for our taste.


I had a wheelskins cover on my 02 Altima (which I traded in) and on the Accord, and we loved that. But I am not sure that what Wheelskins would fit over the already leather wrapped OEM wheel?


Has anyone put this on? I have no interest in changing the wheel just for this...


PS. i just emailed Wheelskins with the question too and will post when I get back...

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Got a reply... I asked if they have a cover that will go over the stock leather wrapping, the answer was:


Yes, our website has all the updated sizes for the 2011 cars! That will be a 14 ½” x 4”.

I am going for a trip in two days but when I get back - I am soo buying this; can't wait!

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