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2008 Legacy Nav Bezel Question


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I have searched and haven't found an answer to this specific question. I will be fabricating a screen for a carpc into the cubby area and would like to purchase a new bezel to modify. My question, is the bezel part number the same for 2005-2009? I have seen a part number that was listed as a 2006. I also have seen that the 08 has cutouts for the buttons, do they all have that? I attached a picture that I found in another thread that looks like what I want. Which bezel is this and will it work in my 2008 GT?




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What you are looking at there looks to be the JDM Double Din Console Bezel (about $256 USD).


Reference: http://www.avojdm.com/product_info.php?cPath=26_54_60&products_id=108


I was thinking about getting the JDM kit... but after seeing other installed It looks like the part is not the same as usa and will leave a big gap on the right side when installed on a usa car

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