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Clutch Problem in Cold Weather

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I have an 09 Legacy Spec B, and when the temperature out here gets to 0F and below (which it does fairly often, especially overnight), my clutch stops being "springy" like a clutch should be and becomes very sluggish. If I push it to the floor and then move my foot out of the way/let the clutch come up on its own, it comes up relatively slowly, not quickly and "snappily" like it should. It's both worrisome and makes shifting a pain the ass in the beginning until things warm up. Thing is, even when the engine gets warm, it still takes another 10-15 minutes for the clutch to return to normal. I understand that it's friggin cold, and whatever hydraulic fluid/clutch fluid is in there is more viscous, but I've never experienced this on any other vehicle. I've spoken to one other Leggy Spec B owner, and he said he did not have this issue in those temperatures.


Oh, and the dealer said it was normal for "performance" boxes/clutches such as the ones on the Spec B and STi. Not sure about that, but I guess that's why I'm here...

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The problem with the spec-B is, it is equiped with a CDV.(Clutch Delay Valve).:icon_idea


This is nothing more than a restrictor in the clutchfluid circuit, to provide damaging clutch-dumps.

It just delays the clutch to engage.


When it's getting really seriously cold, it can take quite some time to get the clutch-fluid warmed up enough to flow easy again through the CDV.



Im am thinking of getting it of, since the WRX STI has the same gearbox, more power, almost weighs the same, and seems to do without one perfectly.

It seems to be on the Legacy to make it more comfortable, having in mind it's less a sportscar.

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