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Armrest Cover Rattling??


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The button that extends my arm rest up rattles. Any fix for that ?


I just fixed this.


Upon closer inspection, I slid a very small slice of sound dampening material and wedged it between the top of the armrest and the button itself. I used Dynamat Extreme which is naturally sticky. I also inserted it from the outside (as you would as if you were going to push the button.


I needed to use my knife to push it in, but I found the button mechanism still worked and it quieted down the rattle. Since it's entirely inserted, it isn't visible either and not an eyesore.


I had already placed a few more slices of Dynamat on the underside of the arm rest, but it was this darn button that was the culprit!

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I've been tempted to use Locktite since they seem to loosen every 6 months.


I'm definitely using Loctite on those suckers. All 4 fell out of the compartment on my wife's 08 Impreza, and 2 have fallen out of my LGT.

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