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What size sway bar does a 1990 legacy wagon FWD have?

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not seeing a 18mm bushing anywhere. closest one i can find it 17.5 mm and thats not even listed as being for my car. the front and back are 18mm? is it possibly the 16mm? or the 19mm? they are the most common on all the parts sites ive checked for this car



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Either go to the dealer and see what they can order or have in stock, or order a Whiteline Front Bar or a Rallitek Front Bar, Autozone sh** isn't going to hack it.


Whiteline Parts Numbers:

(Non-Turbo Front Bar)

BSF19 - 20mm

BSF19X - 22mm

BSF19XZ - 22mm adjustable

(Bushings are W0404-[mm])


Rallitek Parts Numbers:



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