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weird winter noise


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lets start a new topic bout the weird noises our cars make in the winter when its fn freezing out lol. like with mine my belts make a chirping noise on start up when its cold and also when first started when backing up or going forward there is a barely noticable like whistle coming from the engine compartment, and also whats really freaky at first when driving u hear rattling from the engine compartment until u realize its jus the damn ice rattling loose lol!
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speaking of weird winter noise... can anyone diagnose this? this is definitely not normal.. haha.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7itE6xC5QYo]YouTube - Cold Weather Noise[/ame]


you might have to turn up the volume a little higher to hear the weird "rubber band" noise. I only hear it in 1st/2nd gear, and when I switch to Drive or Reverse (with the foot on the brake pedal). Also is temperature dependent. only happens under 30 degrees Fahrenheit.


side note.. i have the infamous '08 5eat stall issue but the APv2 has the +/-300RPM during idle adjustment option so that helped. :spin:


EDIT: i stalled even with the APv2 fix... thinking about reverting back to stock grrr..... vehicle has a 5yr/100k warranty and im 2yrs with 40k.

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i'm just afraid of the subaru dealership voiding my warranty becuz of my mods. even tho i don't think my mods would be making this noise.


trans cooler, fmic, k&n intake, perrin crank pulley, erz catted dp, perrin mid y, prodrive mufflers.


i'm going down to RI to see GTTuner this sunday. hopefully it's some quick fix. *crosses fingers* or else, ill be scrounging up some stock pieces....

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